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Song of the Day: Goldroom – Fifteen (feat. Chela)

– By Yufeng K.

Chock full of driving synths, funky basslines and calypso beats, the excellent EP ‘Angeles‘ would and should have sneaked into beach party playlists all over last year. This time, L.A. producer Josh Legg aka Goldroom drops a new track just in time for the summer (well, 365 days of it).

Featuring the dreamy vocals of Australian singer Chela, ‘Fifteen’ is a warm, fuzzy slow-burner perfect for the coming days/daze. Dripping with nostalgia, the track enchants as it does affect, recalling the ennui and insouciance of those hot, sweaty summer nights.

‘Fifteen’ showcases a new dimension to Goldroom’s music and is another masterpiece from the up and coming artist. I cannot wait to see what else he has in store.


Sidenote: The whole business with the “Free Download” irks me. I would much rather pay for the track than use a third party promotion app in exchange.


The track is now free for download once you like Goldroom’s Facebook Page. Bless the man.


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