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Interview: Lotts of Love for Lott

– By Hariz B.

Honestly, if that was the first time I saw Pixie Lott I wouldn’t think she was an award-winning singer. I wouldn’t have guessed that she managed to sell a million copies of her first album, or the fact that it churned out five Top 20 singles. Decked out in comfortable clothes, (with just the right amount of playfulness in the form of matching turquoise shoes and nails) she smiles easily as the camera shutters click away.

Refusing to be uptight, the 21 year old singer from London makes a few polite jokes as she settles down, teasing out laughter from everyone and eases the mood in the room. As she answers question after question, one cannot help but notice how sincere she is in her love for her craft. There is no pretense in her natural and easy-going responses, none of that. Instead, here sits this wide-eyed and bubbly girl, whose laughter and smiles make her seem to perfectly embody her album’s title of Young Foolish Happy.


Working with K-pop Superstars GD & TOP

> It’s been so fun! I’ve always wanted to do collaborations and this album has let me do that. It was amazing to collaborate with Stevie Wonder and John Legend, but it was especially cool to collaborate for the first time with K-pop artistes because I’ve never done that before. The first time I heard about K-pop was when I went to Japan and I thought it was really fresh and new, and I said, “This is really cool. I would love to get involved somehow.” So I was really excited when the collaboration came about and I thought they sounded really good on it! It was kind of last minute just to fit it on to the Asian album but we got it done and I’d love to do more of that – I’d love to do more Asian collaborations and work more with GD & TOP as well.

On her favourite collaboration

> That’s a tough one. I think I’m gonna have to say the Stevie Wonder one, because I’ve grown up listening to all his albums and just to have him on the album sleeve where it says his name and the credits of the song… I would never imagine that would happen. So I think I would have to say that one. I think I was just really lucky, I think I was just at the right place at the right time. We were in this restaurant in LA and we bumped into a mutual friend and we just got talking and then Stevie walked in. He was meeting him for dinner and I thought, “This is crazy!” I was really speechless and I was in awe because he was so lovely and so gentle and really just very warm. Then I wrote a song with that friend of ours, and he played it to Stevie, and then Stevie was put down his harmonica parts and I was really happy.

Her latest album and future music

­­> I think it just has more of my influences in it. There’s a lot more…songs are just a bit more soulful on this album. Which is the music I grew up listening to, so I think on my next album I’ll go even more that way, more Motown with my next album which im exited about. But I dont know, I hope as I grow, as I get older I will get an audience that gets older too, because I feel that my music will get older.

Weirdest fan encounter

> I wouldn’t say I’ve had any weird ones, I always get so amazed by the support that they always give for coming to shows and I always feel happy for the support that they give. There hasn’t really been any weird things, just lovely letters, lovely gifts. I’ve been proposed to a couple of times, but that’s not a bad thing (I always say yes). But yeah, nothing too weird or anything.

On what she misses about London and how does she relax

> I guess I just miss my friends and my flat where I live and the places we go. My family. I think those are the things I miss the most. What do I do to let my hair down? I just chill, like go to the cinema, go for some food. I really love like massages and stuff, so I do go for those. That’s pretty much it. If I’m really tired I just sit on the sofa or my duvet and watch movies. And get take away or something.

The process of writing songs

> I always think the best songs come out naturally and quick, but sometimes its better to come back and make them more special. So I’ve done that a few times where you have the verse then you come back the next day and do the chorus, then you come back the next week and finish the middle. So yeah I have gone back to songs.

Covering Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’, and any other potential covers

> I would love to do another song like that because its like a band, its very different to my songs. As soon as I sing a rock song, or a song that a male sings, as soon as I sing it or a female sings it it sounds different automatically. I would love to do more of that. I’ve done Kings of Leon, I’ve done The Strokes and I’d love to do another one but I don’t feel like there’s as many bands around in the UK especially at the moment as there was back then. There’s a lot of pop bands, like One Direction (laughs) and stuff like that. But I would love for those bands to come back round again.


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