Music Video: iamamiwhoami – Goods

– By Yufeng K.

Known for the use of social media and viral videos, iamamiwhoami, an ambitious project by Swedish singer Jonna Lee, has been posting videos regularly over the past three months in order to promote their debut album kin.

Ever since dropping this teaser video in February, iamamiwhoami (tongue twister I know) has brought us on a surreal, dream-like visual (and aural) odyssey, visiting sparse apartments, dark rooms, mysterious woods and vast deserts as Lee cavorts with furry mop/carpet-like creatures. The videos in the series are tied to each track on the soon-to-be released album and have been consistently mind-blowing, with stunning visuals soundtracked by gorgeous, ethereal tunes.

‘goods’ marks the final video and track to drop from iamamiwhoami and sees Lee wearing a black and white checkered bodysuit (a reference to the ending of the previous video ‘kill’ perhaps), dancing in an enclosed black box to an upbeat track blessed by Lee’s wistful vocals, tinkling keyboards and disco beats.

A logical conclusion to the series, ‘goods’ provides little answers though and the meaning behind these videos are anyone’s guess.

View the masterpieces at one go herekin is set to be released digitally on June 11th, its physical release delayed till September.


On a sidenote: What do they eat in Scandinavia?! I am awestruck by how much talent comes from there.


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