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First Impressions: Boom by Sight Line Productions

By Hariz B.

Boom attempts to tug at the heartstrings by forcing its audiences to question their concepts of family, home and attachment. An obstinate old woman and her son are at odds over the en bloc sale of their house, with both parties refusing to give in. As tensions run high the two characters get involved with Jeremiah, a troubled civil servant who is struggling to persuade a very stubborn individual to relocate – a dead corpse.

Jean Tay’s play might sound familiar to some, since it has been performed by quite a number of schools and theatre groups. But what sets this attempt by Sight Line Productions apart however is the amount of dedication they seem to have put in. With impressive marketing efforts and a decision to work closely with the playwright herself, the young theatre company looks set to show Singapore just what they’re made of.

Stay tuned to Three and a Half stars to check out an exclusive interview with the cast and crew of Boom, as well as a review of the play.

Boom runs from 29th June to 8th July at the DBS Arts Centre, Home of SRT. Tickets available from Sistic.


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